• The mask we wear hids our face
    we wear the mask to ease the pain
    knowing we have nothing to gain
    we never take down the mask
    it stays in place and makes us take the easy roade
    but day by day hour by hour minet by minet
    our masks consume us
    we live a lie as our time flys by
    lieing through our mask
    never revieling the truth
    the truth we keep so close to our hearts
    but the mask of lies grows by days
    becoming heavier by the second
    until the the mask is to much to bear
    then the wall of lies must cullaspse
    it falls on you, and only you
    being crushed by the wall of lies you built
    in the end there are 3
    3 things that could be the out come
    1. you live on and stop hiding behind masks
    2. you die from the wieght of the wall
    or 3. you go insane now knowing that you lied to you'r self the most not being able to handle it you're locked away never to be seen again