• I am swallowed by pain
    My denial in vain
    It must be a dream
    I open my mouth
    Can’t speak
    Can’t scream
    No use running
    He’s long gone
    I knew his promise
    Could not be kept
    The hole in my heart
    Could never be patched
    He would always be there
    He would always exist
    Try as he may
    My memory will never
    Be erased
    With a clean break
    The pain pulls me under
    I do not resurface
    I am unaware
    Of everything
    As if all my senses
    Have been cut off
    But in the darkness
    There is a light
    It is the only thing
    That keeps me
    From letting go
    My own personal sunshine
    There was never a wound
    No patch
    Or stitches
    My heart is whole again