• Her Eyes Collided With Your Cold Ones
    Her Heart Raced With One Million Love Songs
    She Knew She Wanted You More Than The Stars In Heaven
    But She Also Knew You Were Way Too Good For Her To Begin With

    You Weren’t Friends, You Never Hung Out
    You Never Spoke Never Mind Smile
    But The Day Her Blue Eyes Met Your Cold Ones
    Was The Day She Knew She Was Hopelessly In Love

    Her Sincere Fantasies Of You
    Made Her Believe You Wanted Her Too
    She Would Kiss You, And Even Hold Your Warm Body
    Wishful Thinking Got The Better Of Her

    The Day Came Down To When She Got Tired
    She Knew She Needed To Express Her Feelings Out Loud, And So She Sighed
    She Wasn’t Prepared For The Consequences Of Her Action
    She Was Just Desperate To Observe Your Shocked Reaction

    She Grabbed A Blue Inked Pen
    She Picked Up A Plain White Paper
    Wrecked Her Brain In Thought
    And With Every Word She Fought

    heart “Dearest Precious, My Beautiful Angel,
    I Wanted To Write This - No I Needed To Show You My True Feelings
    I Love You, I Crave For Your Touch, For Your Kiss
    I Fantasise About The Day Our Surrendered Lips Meet
    I Love You
    But Do You Love Me Too?” heart

    She Placed The Pen Down, And Sealed The Love Note In A Plain White Envelope
    She Sprayed Some Perfume On To Remind You Of Her
    She Then Tucked The Love Note Under Her Pillow
    Just To Sleep With You For The Night Before Her Fate Meets Her Willow

    Next Day At School And She Saw You Again
    She Called You Over And Your Face Was Perfect
    You Looked Perplexed Yet You Dithered Towards Her
    Her Heart Raced With Your Perfect Complexion, Still She Held Out The Love Note And You Took It To See

    You Walked Off Holding The Note
    She Just Wished You Didn’t See It As A Joke
    That Letter Held Her True Feelings For You
    And All She Could Do Now Was Wait For Your Reply

    Next Day And She Heard Nothing Of You
    You Most Likely Chucked The Note Away And Laughed Foolishly With Your Friends Too
    Then Suddenly For The First Time She Saw You Walking In Her Direction
    She Was Hypnotised By Your Gorgeous Complexion

    You Handed Her A Folded Up Note And Said, “Here’s Your Answer”
    You Then Smiled And Walked Away From Her
    Heart Racing She Gently Unfolded The Paper, Wishful Thinking Taking Over
    Nothing Prepared Her For What It Would Say:

    “Look, I’ve Never Been In Love
    My Life Has Been Nothing But Rough
    I Don’t Know What It Requires
    But I Do Know It Involves Liars

    Sorry Chick, But You Are Not My Type
    I’m Sorry I Have To Break It To You, But Don’t Get Too Hype
    Babe, You Do Not Hold The Key
    Therefore We Will Never Be”

    The Words Wrote Perfectly Down On The Paper Caused Her Heart To Break
    Tears Formed Straight Away, And She Couldn’t Fake
    That Was Not The Answer She Wanted, That Wasn’t What She Wished For
    Yet You Had Made It Quite Clear And You Had Shown Her The Door

    You Will Never Be, And She Will Never Change Your Mind
    She Still Loves You And She Always Will
    She Has Tried To Forget About You; To Move On
    And She Just Wished Her Love For You Was A Con

    It Wasn’t Though, It Was For Real
    And Even Though You Hate Her Maybe You Could Tell Her ‘What Is The Deal?’
    She Loves You, She Always Will
    The Only Way You Can Be Together Is If She Dreams Of Her Sincere fantasy of you.