• SAVii0R

    if you only knew
    exactly what you do to me
    my body quivers with a single stroke of your touch
    its like my heart has been stabbed multiple times
    and its as if a bird is pecking on my insides
    when i realize that you will never be mine

    but in a perfect world id be the one
    when your heart is shattered, ill pick up the pieces
    ill make the tears stop, before they even start
    ill be your strength, when your feeling weak
    and you'd be locked forever in my arms

    when you've lost all hope
    i have the map that will help you find it
    ill fight off the monsters
    who bring pain to your beautiful soul
    i would give every beat of my heart
    and every breath in my lungs,
    to see that twinkle in your eye
    just one more time

    and in this perfect world
    id be the one you'd come to when your in jeopardy
    if you would just open your door and let me in
    ill help you see the brighter side of things
    if you would just let me be your savior