• "Feels good, don't it

    Hop on that cloud, I think that one feels softer"


    They say life isn't what it seems

    And Neverland is only in a dream

    Let me put you there, go a little higher

    So high, we can be the dream flyers

    From world to world, watch as we go

    Doesn't even matter how far we go

    Just as long as you hold me tight

    I think for now we will be alright

    They say love is precious when it happens once

    Other definitions just describes the fun

    Even comparing you a million to one

    I'm so glad it only happened once

    Past the docks, over the ocean seas

    Lovin the way you're flying with me

    Captain Hook couldn't pull us down

    Even the bomb raid couldn't bring us down

    I'm loving this scene in Neverland

    And tonight I wish we could never land

    Look at the star in the sky gazing through our view

    But you shine so much it can't reflect on you

    It looks dull to me compared to you

    How else can I even describe you

    Such a magenta color that you give off

    So sweet, yet so gentle and so soft

    Thank you for being my co-pilot on this journey

    For all the females I met, you're the most worthy

    So early, I wake up tomorrow

    And tomorrow I wish you can follow, me

    Back again to Neverland


    We should do this again some time...