• The Tear Drops in The Eyes
    In The Middle Of The Night
    Shattered Tears Brought By Fears
    In This World Of Pain Please Cut My Vein
    So This F*cking Pain Will Go away

    Pain! , Pain! Go Away ....
    Let Me Bleed And Cut My Vein
    I Don't Want To Feel This Pain
    Cause It Feels like I die Again

    My Blood Is Spreading All Over My Wrist
    Cause I don't even Think in the Life I Risk
    The Hatred I Feel To The People who gives me Pain
    Is Like a Country Crushed by Rain

    Save Me From The Pain OF Being Alone
    Cause The Love I know is Unknown
    Because of Hatred I Don't Know How To Live
    Because Of The Many Pain That I Recieve

    " Happiness!! Happiness!! "
    Where Can I Find My Happiness???
    Maybe I Can Find it After My Pain
    It is Like a Rainbow After The Rain

    In Every Darkness There is Light
    You Only Choose The Path Of What is Right
    It's Time To Release The Pain Inside
    Cause God is Always In Our Side

    By: Mark Harold Guevarra