• MCFLUFFALOT and the sour flower

    There once was a humfulee
    Who lived in a tree
    He was happy as happy as
    Happy could be.

    His name was MCFLUFFALOT
    For his hair would not stop
    It would grow all the time
    Like the tick-ticks on a tock-tock.

    With a big bulky nose
    He could smell just one rose
    From yearlots and yearlots away
    MCFLUFFALOT could smell everywhere that he goes.

    He once smelt a flower
    In the country of romower
    In the world of humfulee's
    He smelt it quite sour.

    Like a lime to a lemon
    Or ms.heidi may remon
    Who was quite sour
    Or a not so ripe watermelon.

    No one else could smell it
    It was quiet different
    But he still did accept it nicely
    They were friend till the end of it.