• Darkness comes in
    and fills us with fright
    Can't cover it up
    Unless you will fight
    Black dances in
    Gaiety born
    The guests at the party
    Start to look forlorn

    Oh these dark colors
    Bearers of the night
    Oh these dark colors
    They fill us with fright

    Darkness comes towards
    Dances with a guest
    Black dances forewards
    And handles the rest
    The guest begins dancing
    The colors are gay
    Black is romancing
    Darkness flies away

    Oh these dark colors
    How sweet, and so gay
    Only thing that can break them
    The light of the day

    Black keeps on dancing
    And spinning
    And prancing
    Darkness takes leave
    As the day starts to break
    Black doesn't see this
    As it tries to take
    Another swing at the guest
    Who is drawn by a light
    The daylight
    Sweet daylight
    Black soon fades away
    and the colors all lighten
    To the colors of day