• You look at me as if I'm a disgrace
    Through your eyes
    Life would be better if I didn't exist
    You think of me as being a waste
    I've never felt worst

    Even though I try to impress
    You never seem fully satisfied
    All I ever wanted
    Is you to accept me for who I am
    Yet you can't even do that

    You act as if I'm a mistake
    Does putting me down
    make you feel great
    Will you ever understand
    what you have done

    You have put me through so much
    I don't know how much more i can take
    Even though you see my tears
    You still laugh without regret
    Do you even have a heart

    Its people like you
    who cause so much pain
    Its such a shame
    to think anyone would admire you
    I hate you so much