• I must say it is so beautiful
    up north
    the sky is light blue with clouds that splotch it within length
    The ground is sandy-dirt but plants sprout anyway
    There are rose colored lady slipper ready to bloom
    Creeping charlie, in a purple radiance
    and little blue-purple bell flowers scattered around
    the grass is green
    a glow in the sun
    leaves of trees start to come out of hiding
    With ferns popping out every which way
    the pine needles stay
    to the ground,green and a brilliant deep orange slowly their color fades with everyday
    The chipmunks and red squirrels enjoy today
    chattering away, talking,as the bright golden sun,
    flows down upon the cool day.
    The lake is clear as glass
    blue as the sea
    beautiful as water is
    it is as cold as ice
    the fish swim peaceful
    without any care
    but if you wave your arms up
    they are scared, and rush away
    Luckily the water is fresh and not salty
    if there were great whites
    i would surely be eaten
    by now
    in the land of 10,000 lakes