• you were my protection for so long

    you were my mom and dad

    you were the one who love me

    when times got really bad

    you visit me when i was gone

    my parents barley came

    they were my enemies for so long

    because they couldn't see my pain

    but you saw past the plastic smile

    this is corny indeed,

    but you were what kept me going

    to me you were everything

    i know now not to trust people

    not to put myself in others hands

    because everyone will let you down

    it is the nature of humans

    i taught myself to hate you

    i built the walls back up

    i smile for the doctors

    but i keep all my doors shut

    rejection was my first fear

    abandonment was up there too

    and i suffer both of them

    but i do not blame you

    i should never been so foolish

    i sould not have let you in

    now i will sit alone in sorrow

    this is my punishment