• I'm a man
    who loves to care
    and loves you when
    you're in dispare
    I wish that you
    would care some more
    you destoyed my Heart
    now blood and gore

    Why do this Now?
    Why to Me?
    I'm sorry if
    I cease to see
    how you love
    two at a time
    One you kiss
    One you blind

    I have no choice
    but beg you back
    my soul of glass
    is fiercely cracked
    my heart is gone
    it's broke in two
    all its blood
    spilt over you

    I'm never good
    enough to be
    the one that any
    want to keep
    I try and try
    but never will
    I'm always left
    in sulking Still

    You'll never want
    and never need
    the one that you
    just left to Bleed
    I'm Bleeding now
    that lost, dumb guy
    the pain, it hurts
    I want to die...

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