• heart Our Story fo Love heart
    At the garden I was alone
    I was talking to the flowers
    About my own
    When I saw you behind the trees, it gave me power
    To speak with you

    We talk for a long time
    We were holding hands and looking deply in each other eyes
    No wonder
    It was true love

    At this moment are head begin to get closer
    Then, your lips touch my lips
    This is how you took away my first kiss
    We were in this position for a minute
    Then are face turn red
    That the sign of shineness

    I was trully happy of this
    It was a proof to me
    That you were mine
    Only mine

    Minutes by minutes,
    hours by hours,
    day by day,
    years by years.

    We have been together for 5 years
    We were soo sweet
    But the wind change road,
    And we have change too.

    The most horrible day had to came.
    You choose an other girl,
    Who was my best friend.

    You were both precious to me,
    and I lose both of you.
    Now I am far away of both of you.

    You can't see me again,
    Because between us there is a ocean.

    We made a promise,
    About our dream.
    You will become a musician,
    I will become a singer.

    We will meet again,
    when the ocean will disapear.

    Maybe the wind will change again his road,
    But then we will not have feeling
    For each other.

    You were my first love .
    I will never let our souvenir disapear.
    Like you did.