• Why

    Why can’t I ignore you, why are you enough?
    Why can’t I stop me insatiable lust?

    Why are you the only girl for me, yet?
    Why can’t you fall in love with me?

    Why is it that I can stand to be around?
    Why I always notice you in the crowd?

    Why do I warm up when you smile?
    Why does it make my day worthwhile?

    Why do your eyes make me drown in lust?
    Why is seeing you everyday a must?

    Why is it every time I smell that vanilla scented hair?
    Why is it that loving you I can no longer bear?

    Why that every time I see you my heart sinks.
    Why must my insanity be beyond the brinks?

    Why must I hate myself around you?
    Why everyday I see you my love ignites anew?

    Why must I see him with you in my mind?
    Are your fates forever intertwined?

    Why can I stand to be around you…
    Why am I in love with you?