• Persistence isn't never giving up,
    Persistence is always being there.

    Persistence isn't taking a bullet,
    it's not letting it go through you.

    Persistence isn't always standing up,
    but sometimes it's sitting down.

    Persistence isn't just dying for the ones you love,
    Persistence is living for them instead.

    Persistence isn't laying down your life,
    but rather living to tell about it.

    Persistence doesn't always break through an obstacle,
    but Persistence always finds a way to pass it.

    Persistence is never hungry for conflict,
    but is only satisfied with peace.

    Persistence never trusts resolution,
    but only trusts in what must be done.

    Persistence isn't always quick to do a good thing,
    but it sometimes sneaks up on one.

    Persistence isn't holding on to your friends,
    but its letting go of bad ones for a tighter grip.

    Persistence isn't saying something,
    it's simply doing.

    Persistence never involves a great adventure,
    Persistence is a great adventure.

    Persistence isn't fighting for someone,
    it's surrendering to them.

    Persistence isn't being rough towards enemies,
    rather, Persistence is rough to the enemies of friends.

    Persistence isn't proud of itself,
    Persistence thinks nothing of itself.

    Persistence doesn't reject what it doesn't want to hear,
    It understands everything.

    Persistence doesn't reject death,
    it just embraces life.

    Persistence doesn't try to get into someone's life,
    but is only content with preserving their happiness.

    Persistence doesn't find pleasure on a foolish road,
    but it enjoys walking on the road to wisdom.

    Persistence cannot rightfully be a curse,
    it can only be a blessing if seen correctly.

    Persistence does not just do something,
    but it does it until it is perfect.

    Persistence is never sad,
    but only determined.

    Persistence doesn't always mean a happy ending,
    sometimes it just is, in itself...
    ....the ending.