• Oh star,
    Please save me.
    Ive been waiting for you.
    Ive been wishing for you.
    Ive been sitting on the steps to my house for you,
    Waiting for you to come to me.
    Ive been waiting for you to save me.
    Will you take my hand and lead me through my dark cold days?
    Will you love me if i love you?
    Will you hold my hand if i held yours too?
    Would you care about me if i cared about you?
    Would you hold me if i fell and hurt myself?
    Oh star..
    Please descend upon me..
    Im so undeserving of you though...
    How could i ask these things of you?
    Im such a fool to think,
    That you could be mine...
    Me so lowly..
    How could i expect...
    You to lower yourself for me..?
    But wait...
    Oh star..
    You came..
    You came to me..
    You came for me..
    Oh star,
    Let me thank you..
    Let me kiss you..
    Thank you..
    For being mine.