• short, thoughtless words spill from my lips
    meaningless and misunderstood
    the deadly eraser
    slowly wiping away the joyful,
    deleting beautiful memories i spent with others
    but they also have passed on
    i am now left alone
    thaughts of my past life fading
    waiting for death to take me
    i have nothing here
    disease mocking my every movement
    i listen
    as he eats away at mt mind
    unstoppable by human hands
    i can barely watch
    as the center of my being washes away
    my vision is hazy
    the once beautiful is a blur
    hair grayed with age
    and deep fold running through my skin
    shows the loss and hard ship of my existence
    my life slowly ending
    i whisper "take me please"
    as if someone were listening
    but i can only wait