• I want to get away. Just to escape
    for a little while. What to do? What
    to do? Oh, what’s that over there?
    Looking over its cover, the book

    seems rather interesting. This is
    just perfect—the perfect escape
    from my own world. Opening the
    book, I turn to the first page eager

    to enter the new world I’ve found.
    With no clue to what will happen
    next, I plunge right in. Now where
    have I gone? Is it a world of magic

    and sorcery? With a flick of a
    wand or a few choice words
    anything can happen? Or where
    metal can be changed to gold? Or

    just some other high school with
    much more drama than actually
    possible? Like the old he said,
    she said ordeal? With girls that

    rhyme with witches, or a girl who
    just figured out she’s a princess?
    A parallel universe where physics
    does not apply? Or where people’s

    souls live outside their bodies?
    Where people can fly or people’s
    lives are a complete lie? Or
    how about where creatures of mere

    legends and myths roam the land?
    Whether of vampires or werewolves
    in a cloudy city? Or dragons and
    spell casters of a faraway land?

    Maybe a romantic love story,
    forbidden or unrequited? Between
    family rivals or love quadrangles?
    In a fantasy or high school world?

    The possibilities are endless. The
    adventures extraordinary. With a
    turn of the page, the new world will
    unfold and I will make my escape.