• You've worked my nerves to the bone,
    but I won't crack just yet.
    My bottle's almost empty, but I wont fret.
    Medicine in the form of,
    love songs and laments,
    had treated, what you left,
    But there is no cure,
    and I'm not so sure,
    these pills are even working anymore.

    This is raw, and this is real.
    Love so swollen, it may never heal.
    I want to beg and cry on my knees,
    and let all my love for you be revealed,
    But you already know how I feel.
    Still I have no choice, but to keep all concealed.
    Entertaining thoughts, almost blissfully surreal.

    And so I beg...
    Please end this grief, I've had my fill.
    Take all my love songs and laments, burn them if you will.
    Push my buttons, pull my strings, twist my mind, just for a thrill.
    You're watching every silent second tick away, and don't you know it kills?
    Knowing full well you're laughing as my tears spill.
    And here I stand before you, vulnerable and dying, but still
    here I stand before you defiant and scorned but still
    here I stand before you and I'm not leaving until...
    Until my needs are finally met.
    and 'til then you'll bear the blame,
    for every last love song and lament.