• Can’t you see?
    Don’t you know your killing me
    Both physically and emotionally?

    Don’t you understand?
    Can’t you tell I need a helping hand
    Guiding me along the way
    Doing your best not to lead me astray?

    When you said you’d be there,
    Were you being nice, or did you really care?

    I’m dying, can’t you tell?
    The pain is so unbearable, I just want to yell.

    Now I lie here, the pain becoming more severe.
    I wonder, if you knew, would you even care?
    I no longer keep those promises
    Since you can’t respect my choices.

    I want out
    I’m about to just let out a shout
    Crying for help
    Hoping someone would hear the small yelp

    If God loved me, would he let me feel this way?
    He must think it’s funny, forcing me to stay
    In this small world
    Wishing to be some other girl

    I want you there
    I want you to mean it when you say you care
    I know that it won’t happen now
    Now that I’ve chased you out

    I want you back
    Life just isn’t the same
    Without you telling me I’m insane
    Telling me I’m not ugly or stupid,
    Telling me not to attack myself
    When things aren’t as planned

    I miss you at my side
    Helping me when my life begins to slide

    Now I lie here bleeding
    Wondering if this is what you were meaning
    When you told me not to attack myself

    Well, I guess I’ll never know now
    It’s not like you’ll find out about this, anyhow

    I guess it’s goodbye, but it’s your loss
    Maybe one day, our paths will cross

    Until then, it’s the end
    Maybe next time,
    You’ll be a better friend.