• I feel it in my heart,
    And deep within my soul,
    An undenyable wanting,
    An urge i can control,
    It comes to me in my dreams,
    Be it day or night,
    And alas when I awake,
    The pain is hard to fight,
    And I'd do anything to stop,
    The pain that comes alive,
    But I'd never give it up,
    Without it I couldnt surivive,
    So I live with it's pain,
    It gets harder each day,
    And it will not stop,
    Untill I'm very far away,
    And when it finally comes the day,
    When I can leave this place and go,
    To seek out the cause of this pain,
    And find the one I know,
    The one whos knows me best,
    Who can't stand to be apart,
    The one who can make me smile,
    The one who stole my heart,
    For she's the reason for my being,
    And for her I would die,
    I'd give anything to stop,
    A single tear from reaching her eye,
    And I know that if I die,
    And was reborn then,
    I'd end up falling,
    For her again,
    For she has the power,
    To pass right by,
    And still my beating heart,
    By catching my eye,
    How I wish to hold her,
    To always have her near,
    To share with her a sunrise,
    But sadly I'm stuck here,
    I wish her nothing but happiness,
    For her to always smile,
    For always and forever,
    Not just a little while,

    And if I had to chose,
    Between breathing and loving her,
    I know what I'd do,

    Id draw my last breath and say,
    "Sammy, I love you..."