• A fallen memory, my own is
    A fallen angel to those that knew me
    And a forgotten demon to those against me
    But I prevailed with honor

    To those that come and go in many wars
    Surely to bring to us a piece of hell
    Which is what we fight up to the stars
    The demon of war too dark to tell

    A wound in my heart stands tallest
    Of those I left behind in pain
    Surely my intentions were not like this
    I only wished their health and sanity

    For every tear of blood spilt from my wounds
    I hold the belief of angels and demons
    To read this passage like my runes
    My soul stands caged unlike free men

    I will not peer out and greet the full moon
    My heart will not call to the world
    Surely it is funny how unfair it must be to lose
    But reality only makes it an irony for I wont accept it

    As I look at my last moments of living breath
    I see the reality of why it must be
    It is the gate to what really lies in death
    The truth I can finally see

    A tear would have not been spilled nor will it come
    For my power over the world will never fade
    My spirit stands strong and proud
    Like I know my family must stand

    Surely my end must be tragic
    But in reality it is the sanctity of why I was born
    This is my final act of magic
    The reason why I will never mourn

    Look upon the sea and tell me it died after it was created
    It lives forever more with its greatness and awesomeness
    Like the honor given to me for leaving for a noble cause
    My name may not be remembered, but my spirit will

    And when the curtains finally close to me
    I want you to take what I taught you
    Spread it out to the world like the sea
    And hold my words well and true