• My broken heart may cease to beat
    The tears I choke back roll down my face
    The puzzle of my hearts pieces will not be complete
    And all my hope fades away
    My hurt feelings swirl in despair
    Anger rages in my heart
    I feel like I should always be there
    But this time we've been ripped apart
    My eyes of rage welcomes hate
    There's nothing that can calm me down
    Except to know I'm not too late
    But only when my dreams come around
    Nightmares taunt me and darkness laughs
    I stand up and with my light I'll fight back
    The wind coming from no where, the hands of the shadows
    They swirl around me holding me down making me hallow
    My tears hit the ground and my blood escapes from my wounds
    All because I couldn't be there for you