• ..I was in adream in a dark corner of the world....

    Ther i was,standing alone
    wasnting badly to go home
    oh,didnt notice ive gone so far
    just searching out for my shining star.

    As I traced my track
    for a path goi going back,
    I saw a weak- looking bloody bear
    all i could do is to tremble with fear
    seconds passed,heard it cry in agony
    just like a very pathetic motherless pony

    days......weeks...dunnow how long

    taking care of an animal isnt an easy work
    for i know i am the devil with a tail and a big fork
    and now the bear's fine,ready to let go of the creature,
    but before leaving,he let his claws slide on my chest,ruining my feature
    what a heartless being!!
    just like a water on flood.....

    the thing's standing before me like a warrior
    trying to show who"s superior
    but all you know is a 100% traitor

    cant hold any longer
    and wake up dead...

    you know whatsin it???

    you show courtesy to others but repays you a bitter taste of life.