• Bloody ballerina,
    I see your pain.
    Bloody ballerina,
    Youre so pretty when youre in pain.
    Bloody ballerina,
    The slits on youre wrists are perfect and bleeding.
    Youre pretty dress is now and odd shade of red and gray mixed.
    Do a twirl here,
    And do a pretty pirouette there.
    Dance on stage with me as your private audience,
    And youre my bloody ballerina doll dancing gorgeously,
    With your slit wrists and your odd shade dress.
    Your smile looks better when your lips are slit.
    slit lips do look the best for your smile.
    Bloody ballerina,
    Do a twirl here,
    And a pretty pirouette there,
    You are my doll and i am your audience,
    Dance that dead doll dance of yours for me.
    Ill just be staring at your perfectly slit wrists.
    Oh no, dont mind me,
    My pretty ballerina,
    Im just looking at your dress,
    The dress of yours thats a odd shade of red and gray mixed.
    The light shines through that transparent skin and lace of yours.
    The light shines through you as you start to fade.
    My pretty bloody ballerina,
    Stay with me for a while longer,
    Ill dance your dead doll dance with you.
    For see here my pretty ballerina,
    I can do a twirl here,
    And do a pretty pirouette there.
    Bloody ballerina,
    Im just like you.
    Our perfectly slit wrists are bleeding.
    Were dancing our bloody doll dance,
    While we twirl our blood splatters on the ground.
    We pirouette there,
    And twirl over that way.
    Pretty, bloody ballerinas we are.
    Bloody ballerinas,
    We will always be.