• I was standing there
    waiting for you
    you said you would be there
    for me

    Some people think
    that we wern't meant to be
    but just now
    im starting to beilieve it

    I thought you loved me..
    where are you now

    We were never meant to be
    not now
    not forever
    I thought at one time
    we were in love
    but it was never

    You lied to me
    you used me
    i beilieved it all
    I thought it was real
    i thought it was love
    but it was never

    You said you loved me
    but i guess now
    that it was just words
    you probably say it
    to every other


    Sometimes when i think
    i think about you
    and now its nothing but
    i now dont want you in
    my life
    You just acted it all
    over and over
    this whole time it was nothing but

    (chorus X2)
    All of this was never..true...