• Oh how fair the red red rose thine beauty when thou doest bloom,
    And every eye that passeth you by oh how their hearts doest swoon.
    With love so divine when you grow from the vine with breath so tender sweet,
    When the Sun shines upon your face by GOD's giving grace I am blessed wherever we may meet. Though thine beauty like a goddess be and your petals filled with love and joy,
    Beware the black thorns that grow round your stem my dear this be not mere ploy.
    For every bush, vine, or stem where thorns grow when a rose doest bloom,
    Be no need for alarm if a fool try cause you harm for the venom in the thorns shall bring his doom. Even *Winter* my dear you no need to fear while others may wither in the Glade, For eternity you see you shalt always be the most beautiful & rarest of shade.
    Oh my precious Red Rose these words of Truth are for you alone not any other,
    This gift from the Heart I do give to thee for you see you are my dear Mother. heart