• What more can I say to this tale?

    I was sitting on a bench with my eyes to the sky,
    Thinking about life and how hard I try.
    He came and looked at me with much confusion,
    As if I was the start to the rude intrusion.
    He asked me why I was there,
    This question was not rare.
    I told him I was here with permission,
    he understood this submission.
    I meant to look for a second nothing more,
    But I stared at him with much adore.
    He was not like the others but just like me,
    Unlike those other leaves who blew from the tree.
    To this day we talk and we stare,
    At the things we never thought where really there.
    We stared at the flowers, the stars, and the sky,
    So this once I’ll say, “ Oh my. Oh my.”
    Finally understood is the thing I cry.