• Love is like a flower.
    It's start with a small thing.
    Then it grows to a beautiful flower.
    But after a while it dies.
    It loses it's color and slowly fades away.
    It dies and return to the earth.

    But some flower has some seeds.
    They spread it out.
    To grow again, somewhere els.
    So they won't die. Stay alive.
    And show there beauty.

    I hope that our relationship.
    Goes like a flower with seeds.
    The flower grow, our good times.
    The flower dies, our bad times.
    But the flower always grows again.

    But I hope and wish.
    That there are seeds in our love.
    So it can grow again.
    So we can enjoiy the happy times.
    And cry in the sad times.
    But i hope we can do that together.