• Your words glides to my heart.
    Your vibe is a warm soul around me.
    The personality you show me when were around each other, Lights me up.
    If there were only a person like you, a mystery that cant be undone.
    Your spirit is a shadow.
    Your the moon of the dark sky.
    The tad pole of dark waters in a pond.
    so peaceful and sound free.
    Your unwritten and yet, you swore like a feather on a dove.
    Your heart writes out your soul.
    Your the silent wind of silent sky.
    That blows silently and barely a touch of warm air.
    That blows gently through my skin.
    I can imagine your soft warm finger running up my skin.
    With the other hand smoothing out my hair while you kiss me with your warm lips.
    Your soul is so passionate and intimate.
    Its silent but smooth
    If you were to whisper in my ear i can feel your closeness.
    I imagine your eyes are as deep as your soul.
    You are the mask to me