• I sat and let the sleepy deities pass me by,
    As I mused and listened for the obscure lullaby.
    Three notes I had heard, both simply low and high,
    Yet astounding enough to provoke a dead man's cry.

    I must be crazy, but if I listen close,
    I swear I can hear laughing, among the screaming noes.
    They tell me I have a demon, or some sort of ghost,
    But deep inside I really know, that clearly I am not the host.

    The one inside is just a friend,
    An ally whom can comprehend
    The vicious thoughts within my head
    That tell me that I'm not too far from dead.

    So I listen close to any sign, that may come from my divine;
    But all I hear are three notes, which cry: son, "You died tonight."