• I believe in true love that's what life's about is finding that special someone that you just can't live without so I'll write you this ONE FINAL POEM then get out of your life and leave you alone I'm sorry we cannot be together hurts me more then you know but the worst feeling of all is our love will never get a chance to grow I tried my best to make you happy you were my prince sure I could get someone else but why when your the BEST I don't think your friends really know me or care about who I am they don't see me as a person they only see me as a girl a girl who's way to you and can only have you as a friend I used to think it would be me and you forever until the end guess I was mistaken you couldn't even call me on the phone now my love has been taken and I'm all alone I now will be afraid to give out more of my love in fear of tears and heartbroken love.... you can check both of the above I am so upset right now that words cannot describe the hurt and anger that I feel inside our love would have been something special a true roller coaster ride I had so many feelings for you but not one did I ever hide so now I ride alone on this road of life I hope it doesn't hurt you knowing now you cannot be my mate so I hope you find that special someone and care for her like I care for you there still isn't a thing in this world for you I wouldn't do so I'm sorry for what I'm about to say it's that I don't see you as a friend I saw you as far more then that and now I'll never love you again.

    ~Sedi </3 crying