• you'd be better off without me
    you wish i would just disappear
    you and the world would be happy
    You'd through a party

    so with my dying breath i am making you happy
    you dont have to worry about me anymore
    I am gone
    I want to be able to hearthe party from up here
    I hope you have fun
    I want you to know, that your little burden loves you
    it only wants you to be happy

    I am sorry i ever came along
    i thought it was for the best for you if i left
    making you happy
    you will never have to yell again
    to be mad
    you can live happily ever after

    your little burden thought of you first
    and it always will
    I want you to know i love you
    even if i say i hate you

    Say goodbye
    the weight of your shoulders is lifted
    all worries gone
    I can see it now

    I sit next to my savior with my black angel wings
    youracting as if I was never there
    He looks at me and pats my head motioning me to follow
    i look at you once more before disappearing into the clouds with him

    "Good bye you little useless girl" was what i heard you say the day i died

    Your own little burden just, for the 1st time ever, made you smile

    Even if it meant losing it’s life