• A red bow atop my head,
    A gift to a little boy
    I look into his eyes and feel a
    Connection that will never die.

    I’m sitting with them warm by the fire
    Their soft hands rustling my fur
    These people are my family
    The love between us is never ending.

    Suddenly the mood changes
    Their hands no longer are soft
    What changed in these few years
    What did I do that was so wrong

    Rough hands grab me and drag me to the car
    They take me away from home
    Everything I’ve ever known
    They take me to a place with cold concrete walls
    A prison with no bars

    Now I sit here growing old
    And watch the people walk by
    They shake their heads and say no
    Maybe they’ll come another time

    Here I sit forgotten
    In a corner all alone
    I think of all the years that have passed by
    And let my last breath out with a sigh.