• What if
    I left?
    What if
    I died?
    Would you remember me?

    What if
    I'm sad?
    What if
    I cried?
    Would you comfort me?

    What if
    I laughed?
    What if
    I played?
    Would you join in?

    What if
    I'm angry?
    What if
    I screamed?
    Would you be afraid?

    What if
    I was drowning?
    What if
    I needed help?
    Would you help me?

    What if
    I was heartbroken?
    What if
    I needed a friend?
    Would you be there for me?

    I just want you to know that:

    If you died, I'd die
    If you cried, I'd cry
    If you played, I'd play
    If you screamed, I'd scream
    If you were drowning, I'd pull you up
    If you just needed somebody,

    I'd be there for you.