• So I've been wondering.. If maybe I'm a bit of a jerk to people close to me. Not in the sense I give them a hard time or anything, but more in the sense that I take the mistakes they've made and do my best to make sure they don't forget them. And I never really mean to hurt anyone's feeling or anything, but when they do things that they regret, and that I would regret, and they know they probably should have done differently.. I just feel as if they really shouldn't ever forget about the decision they've made. Because.. well I mean, if they forget.. what's to stop them from doing it again?

    And again?

    So you want to get away
    And won't hear what I've to say
    But you've had better days,
    So don't worry it's okay
    Decisions aren't made before better plains are laid
    So I'll let you leave the stage before you really start to break
    Just know that I'll be here
    With a more than just an open ear
    Don't be scared to shed a tear
    I couldn't blame you for the fear
    Just don't let it build up
    Don't let it get too tough
    Just be sure to vent some more
    Before you have yourself erupt.

    But now it's been a week
    And you tell me you don't sleep
    So what am I to say when you tell me let it be?
    Should I take it off my mind?
    Should I shake it to the side?
    Should I let you die some more inside
    Before you can decide?
    Between what it is you think
    And what it is they think
    Tell me, is what it is that I believe worth less when it's in ink?
    You tell me my opinion matters
    And then you drop it so it shatters
    So excuse me for getting angry
    And please pardon my poor manners
    When you tell me that you listen
    And I never see it sink in
    It's as if my words were pissing
    In fountain that's dismissing
    Every subject of the lesson
    That you act as though you're missing
    But I know you just don't care
    You're too busy reminiscing.

    You're damn right I'll chew you out
    For the sense that you threw out
    I'm getting sick of all these games
    That just seem to tire out
    The advice I try to give you
    The only person I would give to
    A part of me that let's you see
    I'm not trying to convince you
    To leave all of your friends
    To meet with my own ends
    To manipulate your mental state
    'Til I get in your pants

    But.. maybe I'll just let it be
    I'll you leave you to your misery
    Because though that isn't what you need
    You'd do the same to me..