• Blue vast on her fur.
    I want you to love me forever.
    The green gloves she wears will rip your heart out.
    She doesn't know what life's all about.
    Love the blue on her ears.
    Mess with her and she'll leave you in tears.
    Blue and white eyes that pierce right through you.
    She looks so beautiful and so true.
    On her chest a vest of green.
    She's something of which you've never seen.
    She sleeps upon the coral flowers in the grass.
    With the fox she doesn't belong to the mass.
    She over powers you in every way.
    She just wants to stay.
    She doesn't give in so easily.
    Always wanting to run away with her real family.
    Feed me your soul and I will leave.
    Hate is something that I will achieve.
    The wolf of the furries.
    Always stressed, always worries.
    I stand up above all.
    Now bow down on your knees and crawl.
    I am the wolf bound to break out of my cage.
    In my thoughts there is so much rage.
    I will leave my signature at the end.
    A bold message it will send.
    Love me to the end.