• He once said my imperfections are what make me perfect.
    He once said he loved me...
    I truly loved you back... the boy in my dreams, the boy standing in front of me.
    He once said that I shined among all the others.
    But that's before... Before I found out the truth.

    I once said I didn't believe him.
    I once said I loved him back...
    But only because I didn't know what else to say.
    I once said no... no to the many questions he would ask over and over again.
    I once screamed when he didn't listen.

    My screams fill the empty room...
    With so many dead memories.

    I once believed love will set you free,
    but how wrong i was... it traps you till you find a way to get away.

    They once said to not believe him how I wish I would have listened
    He stopped saying things and I am forever silent...

    I once said...