• what happened to us?
    we were perfect,
    nothing was going wrong.
    I loved you,
    and you loved me.

    what happened to us?
    we were fine yesterday,
    today it started out fine.
    but what happens behind my back hurts the most.
    you told my friends,
    and you told them things,
    things that if I did you wouldn't break me.
    I did those things,
    you still broke me.

    What happened to us?
    I messed up,
    thats what happened to us.
    I said something I shouldn't have,
    something that scared you.
    I thought that you cared,
    That all changed in half a hour.

    I begged and pleaded for you not to,
    you still did,
    I'm broke now,
    lost without you.
    not sure what to do.

    I still love you,
    do you still love me?
    I don't think so.
    I doubt you ever did.
    you said you lied,
    you said you didnt remember what though.

    I think you remember,
    I think you remember everything,
    I know you remember everything.
    I know you remember what we did,
    how we acted,
    what we said.

    Everything will keep playing in my head,
    like a movie of those 7 months that changed my life.
    7 months of happiness ending in hurt.
    ending with my heart breaking into a thousand peices,
    ending with me loving you with every peice.

    I need you,
    I want you,
    I need my heart back,
    I want you back.
    But that wont happen,
    not after what you said.
    you acted like a jerk towards the end.

    I love you forever,
    just like I promised.
    will you ever love me?
    probably not.
    Let me break on my own
    goodbye my love...............