• Sitting in the corner all alone.
    After hearing what he heard on the phone.
    Thinking about his past instead of his future.
    He wishes she was more mature.
    Tears run down his face.
    He wants to go back and retrace.
    He had future plans with her.
    But now its too much to endure.
    She loves someone he hates.
    Now she puts on more fates.
    He cant understand why she likes someone instead.
    He now leaves room for hate to embed.
    Crying himself to sleep.
    Hate, love, depression, and pain are growing in his veins deep.
    Not knowing what to do.
    He knows what she said was true.
    He loses his train of thought.
    She knew she was going to get caught.
    Every time they fought is gone now.
    He's wants to forgive but how?