• Love is but a rose, Starts as a bud and than it grows. It is neither here nor there. Love is every where.

    True love is hard to find. I am glad that I found mine..

    Love can hurt, love can deceive, but love can do many wonderful things. It can be happy or sad, but it opens a trust that shows you can make it through any problem.

    Love can change, it has many forms, like your friends, family, the difference is none. They all love you just the same. What dose love mean anyway? I don't know, its to hard to explain.

    Love is good, no its great. Love helps me in just about every way. To get through school, or Evan to move, but it can be painful if you let it get to you.

    Oh, love, why are you so asunder. You leave me here upon this beach, waiting return. Oh, why do you leave, oh, why do you make me wait? All I can do is wait for your return. I will always wait for you to come home.

    Love comes and goes and this is true, but oh, why must it come and go. Why cant it just stay or leave? Why make me witch it come and go. It is so painful to see it leave. Why dose it come back just to leave. Where dose love go any way?

    Oh love, the one no one could ever hate. Why are you such a blessing, to almost all? It is you who loved me, you who cared. You can cause pain, but one would hope not. What they do not realize, is what hurt them in the end.

    Open your eyes, to see what love can bring. It is friends and family. Oh, so many things. It runs the lives of you and I. There is no deny. Love is for every one not just for I. Spread the love that we all share, to make a better place.

    True love comes to one and all, who listens to its wonderful call. It can happen here or there. It can happen any where. Love is what helps you get through t the day, it can help you in many ways. The love of your friends or the love of your wife, love of parents, they are all real nice. They help you every day, they help you in every day.

    Brute force is not the way, you should chose a different course so you wont lose your way and become a stray. Thats what I'll say. So give your all to make a new place, this one is a mess an every way. Change your ways, don't be that stray. Become changed, so you wont lose the way.

    Love is never tame. It is a wild animal, looking for its next pray. To make so one fall in love is its Quest. To let everyone find another. Waiting in your hart for you to plunder.

    Never demean love, it has so much to do with life. Love is one of the most beautiful things. All you need is to let your dreams take you away. It is the night in the sky. It's the sun on a bright red day. It is everything. The spring flowers, or the big green tree. It is what ever you wont it to be.