• Here we go again
    Through the fight
    Through the mind

    Silently killing me
    Like and assassin
    In the night

    There they go again
    Killing me, Killing me
    All the time, yeah, all the time

    The thoughts of others
    The thoughts are mine
    I hear them now

    They're deep inside
    So deep inside
    'Bedded into my mind

    In my dreams I see it
    Oh, so clearly
    Through the fight

    And there it goes again
    Through all my memory
    The pain that kills me

    All the time
    I feel it
    Too often for me

    All the time
    I loose my mind
    To this fight

    Within dreams
    Yes, I see it
    In pain-filled memories

    Here I go again
    Like a lost child
    In the crowd

    I don't understand
    This feeling anymore
    Lost inside the fight

    I feel the rage
    And remember
    No such love

    Here they go again
    Through the fight
    Of killing me