• Long Distance love is funny
    Met off a Video game
    Remembering it so clear
    First time on Burnout 3
    only 15 to be
    A First time to hear your voice
    It was funny for you called me a boy
    Best Friends ever since
    year later you decide to come see me
    It was love at first sight

    No Happily Ever after for
    Our love was Forbidden
    Father woulnt allow it

    You see I was white
    My love was Black
    But when your in love, skin matters least
    Away with him father said

    But Love is strong, love is true
    Mother sided with me
    Ending Their marraige
    As months went by
    Love grew stronger
    but you see it still feels longer

    Mother couldnt take care of me,
    Another Move i go
    Grandparents retirering, just would break my soul
    off to the man who forbid our love

    18 hits, and away i go
    my final move after five before
    to finally be with my love
    3 years of hard struggle
    No easy road you see
    But Love provails
    And for me, A final Happily Ever After heart