• As I sit down and start to cry
    I get a visit from a way-to-sensitive guy
    He says whats with all the tears?
    I'll show you a world without and fears

    And I take his hand
    Then nothing went as I planned

    He stopped to pick me flowers
    We sat and talked for hours
    That boy had some kind of power
    Over me

    Holding hands he strokes my hair
    Oh god we were quite a pair
    And then we kissed
    Oh, I almost missed
    Then he said I love your lips
    They're a bit to full
    But I guess they'll do
    Because I think I'm in love with you

    Going home he picked me flowers
    We talked on the phone for hours
    That boy still had powers
    Over me

    But now I'm all alone
    Just waiting by my phone
    Feeling like my world's going to end
    Because I had to assume we were more than friends

    But he doesnt pick me flowers
    We don't ever talk for hours
    That boy had used his powers
    Over me

    As I sit and start to cry
    I get another visit from some other guy.......