• I'm locked in a cage,
    I can't get out,
    My heart aches to run with my people,
    They are far away,
    To far to hear my song,
    I am to far gone to hear theirs,
    Even though they stand right beside me.
    My heart and soul sings to be with them,
    I will never run with them again,
    My legs are caught,
    My mouth is sealed,
    My body is trapped.
    But my heart sings to them,
    Runs to them,
    They know it but they rufuse to leave me,
    I know it won't be long before they do.
    Man is coming back to see,
    How he has caught me in his claws.
    I feel sorry for man,
    They never seem to realize the joys of having a pack.
    My pack remains with me,
    They try to free me,
    To help me stay strong.
    I can hear the dogs,
    My pack makes on last atempted,
    But they are working with nothing more then an empty shell.