• You left me yesterday and ill miss you tomorrow

    Im afraid that your love gone tommorow wont come

    A second had gone by since ive seen your face

    60 seconds in a minute

    A minute that ive missed you

    60 minutes in a hour

    A hour since ive kissed you

    24 hours in a day

    A day's worth of tears been shed

    7 days in a week

    A week my heart has cried and bled

    3 weeks in a month

    A month my joy and soul has been ripped from my existence

    12 months in a year

    A year that i cant bear to take our distance

    10 years left in my life

    My life i spent with out you

    10 years gone by

    10 years thats how long ive wished for you

    And now i can be with you