• “Reigning Chaos or Maddening Thoughts”

    Chaotic thoughts jumble as one,

    unperturbed by my screaming,

    pounding against my skull;

    my fists try to break the fray.

    Still they muddle and muck,

    chasing away rational thought.

    Logic hides in the safety of

    the darkness of unconsciousness.

    Unstoppable in their reign of madness,

    blinding my mind, deafening my words,

    they grow painfully clever and alert to

    any and all possible attacks of normality.

    Stop them?

    I’ve tried and failed . . . failed so many times.

    Redirect them?

    An unsuccessful attempt . . . stupidity at best.

    God! Stop them!

    I seem doomed to ride them out, unfortunate sanity gone awry,

    as though they were some never ending, uncontrolled coaster.

    Unlike logic and rationality, I’m not frightened.

    I won’t run! I’m not afraid!

    At least not by the chaotic state,

    in which they present themselves.

    No, not afraid, merely desperate.

    Ever desperate to get off the ride.