• I feel like this everyday
    I have to swallow my tears
    This makes me cry in pain
    The vein that leads to my heart is thumping wildly
    Once this happens theres no turning back
    Its getting me off track
    This feels like hell
    It makes me want to yell out
    Theres nothing i can do about it
    The total opposite is floating on a cloud
    Can anyone imagine a perfect life?
    I'm not like Juliet who plunged a knife through her heart
    My heart is filled with wrath and hatred
    The path to happines in life is long and bumpy
    I have a really clumsy heart
    Once its tipped one way
    Its hard to tip back
    But it is my job to maintain it
    Its like a plane swaying from left to right
    I have a long life ahead
    So i will try to make the happy times the most memorable times of my life