• I love him oh so much
    But we're just friends
    I'm forced to admire from afar
    And friends is what we'll forever be

    I could tell him the truth
    But he'd turn away from me
    Or would he feel the same way?
    I'm oh so scared to tell him the truth

    What if I do?
    What if he doesn't want to be something more?
    What would happen to us?
    Would everything change or stay the same?

    I've known him forever
    These feelings just suddently showed up
    Where did they come from?
    And why now?

    There's never been an answer to these questions
    And this is killing me
    I feel torn in half
    Between telling him and not telling him

    We promised to always tell the truth
    What about now?
    I know I shouldn't break a promise
    But he could never know

    I know now what this feeling is
    It's called love
    I know what it is
    And it's definitely how I feel for him

    He doesn't know I love him
    He never will
    And neither will anyone else
    This is my only secret

    What would people at school say?
    He's Mr. Popular
    And I'm in extraland
    But yet I'm still his friend
    Does that not count for anything?

    Telling him would change everything
    In a second our relationship could go crumbling
    Or it could go beyond what it already is now
    If you never try, you'll never know
    I'd rather not try

    He's always been there for me
    Good times and bad
    Always protecting me
    But with the truth, that would change forever

    Why do I have to feel this way?
    I just don't get it
    And I don't think I ever will
    How could I feel this way?

    Just friends is what we'll forever be
    No matter what I want
    Our friendship will always be the same
    As long as I don't tell him