• The air was nice and fresh
    The people where full of love and compassion
    The borders where all gone
    The day the revolution was done

    All the cops and soldiers threw there guns down
    Taliban shook hands with Americans
    The group of eight and Bin Laden where taken to the world court for a hearing on there crimes
    All the bombs where disassembled
    The day the revolution was done

    The prison doors all opened and no crimes where committed
    Solar panels where on all the roof tops
    Black Water refused to pick up a gun
    Thousands of innocent people lit up in the spring air
    Debts where all forgotten
    The day the Revolution was done

    All the terror groups disbanded and started to rebuild the cities in ruins
    Organized religion took no more innocent lives
    All the billionaires had to learn how to share
    Bill Gates was told to stop his wining when he said it wasn’t fair and his mansion became a collective home
    The day the revolution was done

    Fresh food was in the markets
    All the currencies where destroyed and everyone helped each other
    All the workers talked of solidarity
    For the first time all the Children where proud of there parents
    A little kid in Sudan hugged his father for the first time
    The day the revolution was done

    Battleships where dismantled
    Never again to sail the seas
    The whole world had a fresh breath of air
    All the writers made writings of love
    The day the revolution was done

    We all saw what was true
    All the walls where taken down
    We all knew each other
    The day the revolution as done